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Komatsu WD600-6 Wheel Dozer



Dimensions information

Width Over Tires

11.72ft in

Ride Height

1.63ft in

Maximum height

13.95ft in

Wheelbase length (Distance between the foremost and rearmost wheels)

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Blade Capacity (Sae Rated)

Straight blade-8.0 m3 (10.5 yd3); U blade-10.6 m3 (13.8 yd3)

Basic weight of a machine

Straight blade-48100 kg 106,040 lb, U blade 49115 kg 108,280 lb

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Full lenght machine

32.24ft in

Turning Circle

45.81ft in

Max.Lift Above Ground

Straight blade-1500 mm(4\”11\””)